Konkurs GO GREEN - przedłużenie terminu


Case study contest for Maritime University Students organized by Ocean Network Express LTD.


  1. The purpose of “GO GREEN, GO ONE” contest is to prepare a case study about how the container shipping business can reduce the ecological footprint.
  2. This contest is organized for 3rd year or above students of Navigation, Transportation, or Innovative Economy Major.
  3. To take part in the contest. students must prepare a presentation about their findings, according to the given topic.
  4. The presentation must be prepared in English and have maximum 10 slides of content (plus opening and end slide, total of 12 slides).
  5. The presentation must be sent in PDF format.
  6. The presentation must be submitted to the following e-mail address: /Users/natalia.sielska/Documents/pl.hratone-line.com">pl.hratone-line.com until 31st October 2021.
  7. While submitting the presentation contestants must include the GDPR clause in the
    e-mail with the following statement:

I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed by Ocean Network Express LTD for the purpose of conducting GO GREEN, GO ONE case study contest.

  1. Out of all participants, 5 best presentations, selected by Ocean Network Express representatives, will be advanced to the final. Presentations will be evaluated and ranked based on:
  • To what extent does the solution meet the needs of today's market?
  • How innovative is the idea?
  • At what extend is the implementation of the solution assessed in the socio-economic sphere?
  • Overall idea presentation evaluation
  1. In the final, students will present their case study to Ocean Network Express representatives and answer questions about their case study.
  2. The final presentations will take place in November 2021.
  3. Based on the presentations, 3 best case studies will be awarded with money prize as well as 6 months paid Internship in Ocean Network Express office in Gdańsk.
  • 1st prize 2,000 PLN + paid Internship in ONE
  • 2nd prize 1,500 PLN + paid Internship in ONE
  • 3rd prize 1,000 PLN + paid Internship in ONE
  1. In case of not having an appropriate number of contestants, to fairly select the best case studies, Ocean Network Express reserves the right to prolong the deadline to submit the presentation as well as organize the final.


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